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100% Lead Engagement

The funnel (below) begins when someone calls your office and ends when they are engaged with a banker or loan officer. Everything changes when callers fail to reach an available agent. Here are four steps to 100% lead engagement... for people who persist without exception.

Most of these steps can be achieved on your own and without fee. If you sourced the entire process it would likely cost you less than $100 per month per agent. Take action while leads are limited. Good selling.  

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Outbound Dialing - Connecting with More Customers

Last time we talked about the importance of returning missed calls from the same phone number the caller had dialed. The under lying message is that “we customers” answer business calls from phone numbers we recognize, and trust. Today we explore the opposite of that and a threat to all businesses: calling customers from one of your numbers that is labeled as SPAM. 

Topics: phone skills phone process texting Caller Experience trusted advisor SPAM CallerID Caller Reputation

Reviewing Credit


Let’s review the primary, secondary and tertiary objectives of your initial inbound call form a prospect in consumer direct lending… pull credit! We talk about putting equity to use, changing terms, and credit scores but the best tool to gain an accurate picture of a caller’s overall financial picture and in turn to better serve them, is to review credit with them.

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So, you want to Build Value with Effective Questioning Techniques?


Let’s talk about the four key Question Types used in Consumer Direct Lending and how we can apply them to common caller types:

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The Psychology of Selling over the Phone


It can be hard to connect and earn the trust of someone you have never met, especially when you aren’t face to face. Technology enables the ability to connect without being in person and at the same time has taken over communication.

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Reading the Customer’s Voice 

Qortel coaches tens of thousands of calls and 70% of our feedback to phone handlers revolves around mirroring the customer.  Talk with customers the way they prefer to interact. 

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How To: Develop a Call Coaching Form for your Loan Officers

Coaching is the development of a person by another individual called a coach. In order to provide training and guidance in a consistent fashion, we need actual examples to discuss and we need a standardized form to support that discussion. Follow this six-step process to ensure consistent measurement for improvement:

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Qortel Texting Best Practices

So… You’re Expanding into Texting

We are all texting in business and your office is no exception. Qortel hears loan officers talk about texting with clients on virtually every call that involves pulling credit. It’s great for validating who the loan officer is. It is great for follow-up. You get it! You are likely thinking about diving into texting on your inbound campaigns.

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Serving the Dominate and Expressive Caller

The dominant caller is relatively impatient and controlling. They want information -- fast -- so they can decide and move on.

Here’s how to tell if you are working with a dominant buyer:

They typically use direct sentences declaring their intentions and ask few questions. It would sound something, like "I'm looking to switch to a 15-year fixed rate mortgage." As opposed to, "Can you tell me if I’m in a position to move to a 15-year mortgage?”

In addition to their direct language, the dominant buyer’s volume is also noticeably louder than average. You may observe that if you are exchanging emails with this buyer type, you will notice that there’s not a lot of fluff in their writing – one-word sentences and abbreviations are their norm.

When you’re communicating with the dominant buyer:

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Serving the Supportive Caller