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Omnichannel Mystery Shopping is Transforming the Automotive Industry

Blog in 20 Seconds:

  1. Engagement Potential: How quickly are you responding to leads and what does the customer experience (see on their phone) when you call, text and email them?
  2. Engagement Quality: How well is the team responding to customer inquires. On average, just 40% of dealers answer customer questions... Why? and how to address this.  
  3. Engagement Completion: How is the team following up on leads, both frequency and relevance? 64% of weaknesses in customer interactions are identified soley through mystery shops. 

Use your mystery shops with your team to improve process and skills. 

Podcast in 5 Minutes (Proactive Dealer Solutions Visit):

Blog in Detail:

Have you ever wondered what your customers truly think about your dealership? Mystery shopping in the automotive industry is more than just an evaluation tool; it's a gateway to unparalleled insights into customer experiences. Not just the tired "Did you do" checkboxes of yes/no evaluation, but call labeling, spam, texting, digital retail and technical experience that impact customer engagement rates by a whopping 35%. I am not answering a call I do not recognize!  AND, we mystery shop you all the time!


We mystery shopped every dealer in the US last year, many multiple times. That means we shopped your dealership. Do you want your evaluation? Ask us. We WANT to share our experience with dealerships in the spirit of developing dealership teams! Yes, it is at no charge.  Let's go!

A staggering 64% of weaknesses in customer interactions are uncovered through mystery shopping alone. This isn't just a statistic; it's a wake-up call for dealerships to hone in on their customer service strategies. However, identifying these weaknesses is just the beginning. The real magic happens when these insights are transformed into impactful actions.

Let’s delve into how you can turn these evaluations into a roadmap for success:

  • Actionable Intelligence, Not Just Data: Think of mystery shopping reports as a goldmine of insights, offering a deeper understanding of customer psychology and buying patterns. Use this intelligence to tailor your customer service approach, making every interaction count.
  • Integrating Digital and Physical Experiences: Today's car buyer often starts their journey online. Align your mystery shopping with digital customer behaviors to create a seamless transition from online browsing to in-store purchasing. What do caller see on their mobile phones when you call them? Does your team use their personal mobile phones? How does all of this impact engagement rates? Customers answer calls they recognize in order: Family, friends, and business associates. Properly label your pone.
  • Cultivating a Culture of Employee Development: 65% Of Employees Want More Feedback (So Why Don't They Get It? -Forbes) Shift the perception of mystery shopping from a monitoring tool to a growth opportunity. Every evaluation point is accompanied by a reason why the question is relevant and resources to help better engage customers. Your team is ready to embrace these insights for personal and professional development, self-fostering a proactive and engaged workforce.
  • Predictive Customer Service: Move beyond reacting to customer issues. Analyze mystery shopping data to predict and preempt customer needs, keeping your dealership ahead of the curve. The number one challenge with lead handling today- and growing due to the advent of digital retail solutions is a single lead flowing in as many as three directions and potentially to three people in the dealership- none aware of what the other is doing with the customer. Example: I submit a lead through a DR tool that uses KBB Instant Cash Offer and VinSolutions for their CRM. The sales manager sees the DR lead, the trade manager gets the KBB ICO, and a BDC agent handles the lead that arrived in Vin. Mystery Shopping (or you test shopping) reveals what is happening with your leads in your most common scenarios. 
  • Comprehensive Customer Journey Mapping: Utilize mystery shops to construct an end-to-end map of the customer journey. Focus on not just pain points but also moments of delight, crafting a memorable customer experience. Often dealerships share the same vision of their desired customers' journey but disagree on the execution of providing the desired customers' journey. Ask us for a free GAP analysis form and report... it takes each manager 5 - 10 minutes to complete. In return, you discover where your team agrees and where you differ on the customers' journey.

Ready to transform your dealership’s customer experience? Contact us for a personalized consultation and discover how our mystery shopping expertise can elevate your business.









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Revolutionizing Mortgage Industry Communication with ChatGPT: Enhancing Script Development, Call Scoring, and Customer Interaction

In an era where the speed and quality of customer service can significantly impact business outcomes, the mortgage industry seeks innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Enter ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model that is transforming the way mortgage professionals develop scripts, score calls, and communicate with customers.

The Power of AI in Script Development

Developing effective communication scripts is crucial for mortgage professionals. These scripts not only guide conversations with potential and existing clients but also ensure compliance with industry regulations. ChatGPT streamlines this process by generating customized communication scripts based on specific scenarios, reducing the time and effort required for script development. By inputting parameters such as the call's purpose, customer demographics, and desired outcomes, mortgage professionals can obtain tailor-made scripts that are both engaging and compliant.

Objective Call Scoring for Enhanced Performance

Scoring agent and customer calls is essential for maintaining high service standards in the mortgage industry. However, this process can be subjective and time-consuming. ChatGPT offers an objective and efficient solution by analyzing call transcripts and scoring them against predefined standards. This AI-driven approach ensures consistency in call evaluations, highlighting areas of excellence and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Actionable Recommendations for Continuous Improvement

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing ChatGPT in the mortgage industry is its ability to provide actionable recommendations based on call performance. By analyzing scored calls, ChatGPT identifies patterns and trends in agent performance, offering specific advice for enhancing communication skills, product knowledge, and customer engagement. These insights allow mortgage professionals to focus on targeted areas for development, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Streamlining Customer Communication with Templates and Call Guides

In the fast-paced mortgage industry, efficiency in customer communication is key. ChatGPT aids in creating comprehensive templates and call guides that mortgage agents can use during interactions with clients. These resources ensure that agents provide consistent information, adhere to regulatory requirements, and handle inquiries effectively. Moreover, these templates can be easily updated to reflect changes in mortgage products, policies, or regulations, ensuring that customer communication is always accurate and up-to-date.


The integration of ChatGPT into the mortgage industry heralds a new era of enhanced communication, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging AI for script development, call scoring, and the creation of communication templates, mortgage professionals can deliver superior service while adhering to industry standards. As we continue to explore the potential of AI in the mortgage sector, the possibilities for innovation and improvement are boundless.

ChatGPT is not just a tool for today's mortgage industry; it's a pathway to the future, offering solutions that redefine customer service excellence. Embracing this technology means staying ahead in the competitive mortgage landscape, where quality communication can make all the difference.

This takes 5 minutes a week. You should start these best practices... soonish? 







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100% Lead Engagement

The funnel (below) begins when someone calls your office and ends when they are engaged with a banker or loan officer. Everything changes when callers fail to reach an available agent. Here are four steps to 100% lead engagement... for people who persist without exception.

Most of these steps can be achieved on your own and without fee. If you sourced the entire process it would likely cost you less than $100 per month per agent. Take action while leads are limited. Good selling.  

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Outbound Dialing - Connecting with More Customers

Last time we talked about the importance of returning missed calls from the same phone number the caller had dialed. The under lying message is that “we customers” answer business calls from phone numbers we recognize, and trust. Today we explore the opposite of that and a threat to all businesses: calling customers from one of your numbers that is labeled as SPAM. 

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So, you want to Build Value with Effective Questioning Techniques?


Let’s talk about the four key Question Types used in Consumer Direct Lending and how we can apply them to common caller types:

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The Psychology of Selling over the Phone


It can be hard to connect and earn the trust of someone you have never met, especially when you aren’t face to face. Technology enables the ability to connect without being in person and at the same time has taken over communication.

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Reading the Customer’s Voice 

Qortel coaches tens of thousands of calls and 70% of our feedback to phone handlers revolves around mirroring the customer.  Talk with customers the way they prefer to interact. 

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