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How To: Develop a Call Coaching Form for your Loan Officers

Qortel Evaluation Questions

Coaching is the development of a person by another individual called a coach. In order to provide training and guidance in a consistent fashion, we need actual examples to discuss and we need a standardized form to support that discussion. Follow this six-step process to ensure consistent measurement for improvement:

Develop Drivers

What are the behaviors that contribute to a great Digital CX?

  • Responsiveness
  • Attentiveness
  • Engagement
  • Transparency
  • Personalized Experience  


Question Creation Rules

  • Avoid double barrel questions ("and" "or" questions)
  • Always phrase in the positive
  • Use close ended questions
  • Avoid absolutes
  • Keep answer choices consistent


Develop Scoring Standards

Ensure accuracy and consistency in form scoring with scoring guidelines defining the desired behavior for each question.

 Consider Weighting

Weight behaviors by assigning more points possible to those deemed more important to the Digital CX.


Set Scoring Goals and Thresholds such as…

  • Red, yellow, green criteria
  • Process for action plan submission
  • Reward and recognition component  

 In your Communication Campaign use field messaging that is consistent, timely, relevant, and informative. Always detail program benefits and objectives!


Form Devlopment Best Practices




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