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So, you want to Build Value with Effective Questioning Techniques?


four key question types

Let’s talk about the four key Question Types used in Consumer Direct Lending and how we can apply them to common caller types:

  1. Fact Gathering Questions

Fact gathering questions provide background and context. Although they are helpful for learning more about your caller’s situation, they do not benefit the caller. The caller is reciting information they already know, so mix in rapport building techniques like compliments and familiarity statements. This will work to build the critical foundation of trust with your caller.

  1. Goal Assessment Questions

Goal assessment questions are vital to building value when you get your benefits presentation. Once you know your prospect’s goals, you can demonstrate how your program with help achieve them. Examples include:

  • Is this a forever home?
  • Do you plan to make improvements?
  • Do you foresee any large expenses in the future?
  1. Priority Questions

A well-crafted priority question identifies the caller’s challenges and is a fantastic follow-up to goal-assessment questions. Many bankers assume they already know prospects’ priorities based on assumptions – to the banker’s detriment. If the caller has debt and wants to pay it off… great! If the caller has debt and wants to use equity to put in a pool… great! Examples include:

  • A best practice is to pay your smallest bills first. Which do you want to pay first?
  • How would you use the equity that you have?
  1. Reflective Questions

These questions help callers make sense of their situation of their situation and the decisions they have to make regarding your offer. Reflective questions elicit emption which reinforces the banker’s status as a trusted advisor later in the call.


Asking the right kind of questions at the right time is how loans get closed. But just as important as asking great questions is effective listening! When we give customers our full attention and really listen to them, we find out what they need. In turn this tell us how to best serve them. Executing this successfully takes skill and practice.


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