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The Psychology of Selling over the Phone


It can be hard to connect and earn the trust of someone you have never met, especially when you aren’t face to face. Technology enables the ability to connect without being in person and at the same time has taken over communication.

In today’s age of selling, most if not all, sales processes occur either over the phone or the computer. It is critical that we understand not only the basics of selling, but how to fill the gap that customers feel without a person-to-person interaction that is integral to selling. Here are 4 steps to inspire both trust and confidence when the customer will not in be in your physical presence.

psych of selling graphic


Remember, you're trying to get the caller to do something that they weren't intending to do, so you have to create certainty and tell them why it's a good idea. Active listening over the phone shows the customer you are engaged and is paramount to a good customer experience.



Use natural pressure statements, such as the amount the customer has in debt to show that you understand their situation and are personalizing your approach. Any opportunity to personalize the selling experience over the phone will benefit you greatly.



Balance pressure statements with empathy, "You have $x debt, I've been in this business for a long time, and I understand your situation, I'm here to guide you every step of the way through this process." Callers want to feel as though you are their trusted advisor in this process.



When you really understand the caller's situation, rather than "selling them" you're actually just providing evidence for the caller to sell themselves on the value and benefits that you're highlighting for them. Sometimes callers don’t even know what they want or need in the first place!


Even though technology allows us to connect with callers all over the country and even the world, focus on these four points to build trust over the phone. You would be surprised how much building that confidence with callers can pay off!


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