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Heart Beat Labs Blog

Programmed to Care!

Qortel uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to listen to millions of calls to and from mortgage companies. AI doesn’t need emotional cues to answer questions and provide the information that humans do. Bots are programmed to perform repetitive tasks and spit out accurate information as quickly as a human can request it. We view bots and humans as opposites, one made of wires, the other feelings, with the biggest difference being the one that makes us human….WE CARE.

We rely on Siri and Alexa for information, answers to our questions, and every day those technologies are collecting data on how people are asking and the way they speak. Machines can mimic humans in responses with one simple caveat, they can’t care.
Being human means caring and to successful organizations, caring means that they put the customer at the center of what they do and how they do it.
It takes a human to understand enthusiasm and act on emotions. Siri can’t be taught to genuinely smile and share excitement when a caller talks about refinancing their mortgage to build that dream addition or to pay down debt, but you can! Start to enhance the experience of your callers by asking elevating questions. Salesforce.com revealed that 79% of customers say that it’s critical to work with representatives who doesn’t just ask questions and provide information but interact in a way that they’re viewed as a trusted advisor. Being a “trusted advisor” means that you’re more desirable to speak with over the phone and puts the callers at ease knowing that they have an expert on the other end of the phone.

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